Super Cute Handprint Craft for Grandparent's Day

Super Cute Handprint Craft for Grandparent's Day

Grandparent’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday, September 10th, 2017!

I don’t remember the popularity of this holiday from my childhood, but it is definitely a popular time for celebration in today’s world. Of course, it should be, as grandparents need lots of recognition!

If you need a quick idea for a super cute, inexpensive craft, keep reading! I’m here to help! In fact, you probably have all or most of the materials in your home. Here’s what you need…


White Card Stock

Paint (safe for handprints)



Free Templates printed from this post:         

Grandparent's Day Template 1

Grandparent's Day Template 2                        


Gather your supplies and print the free templates onto white card stock. If you don’t have white card stock, any color will work, but I like white because the paint shows up well. Also, if you don’t have card stock, you can use plain white paper, but it will not be as durable.

Paint your child’s hand, and make a handprint on the paper, positioning the hand around the poem. You can either make prints of both of your child’s hands, one on each side of the poem, or you can place one hand print from each of your children on the page, depending on the size of your children’s hands and how many children you have. I have two children, so I made one handprint for each child. I used pink and blue paint, and I wrote their names under the handprint and added the month and year.

When working with little hands, you have to work quickly, so be prepared! I made my older child’s handprint first and continued with the younger child. She was all ready to participate after watching big brother try it out! We have lots of grandparents in our family because thankfully many of our great-grandparents are living, so we had several pieces of artwork to make! I’m so excited with how they turned out, and now we have to wait until Sunday to give them away! By then, they’ll be good and dry! We will be mailing some of them this afternoon too!

Make lots of memories with your children as you make this super cute handprint craft! They will have loads of fun and you will too!

Additional Tip: If you don’t have children, try out this craft with your fur babies!

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