Routines for Toddlers: Part 2—Nap Time Routines

Routines for Toddlers: Part 2—Nap Time Routines

Taking naps hasn’t been an easy process in this household! In fact, several months ago I wondered if my child would ever take naps like most children! At one point I told the doctor, “Well, at least he has rest time if nothing else!” Thankfully, little man enjoys his naps now, and he doesn’t fight them like he once did (most of the time). I believe our nap time routine was the solution to our napping problem. We follow it several days a week, mostly on weekdays. The weekends are always a little crazy! Keep reading for a general idea of what we do, and remember, we don’t always follow the same order! Variety is the spice of life!

Nap Time Routine

Drink milk.

Drinking milk gives my little guy the opportunity to calm down. If he’s not thirsty, he just throws the milk out of his crib, and I take it back to the fridge! Speaking of milk, don’t forget about it in the car after going to the store. It will not be drinkable three hours later when you remember! Oops!

Sing The B-I-B-L-E.

This little song is a predictable song that he enjoys! It is also a good introduction to Bible reading time. 

Read a chapter from the Bible.

I read one chapter from the Bible out loud, and sometimes I also read the notes from my study Bible out loud. This is one of my favorite parts of our nap time routine because my little boy hears God’s Word read to him, and it gives me an opportunity to take a break for God’s Word.

Read ABC book.

Reading the same alphabet book over and over helps with routine and teaches language skills. Little man has never been one to sit in my lap while I read. He is much too busy, so he usually jumps in his crib or walks around his room. I am beginning to see progress with listening during story time!

Read other books; play with sticker book; or practice colors, shapes, alphabet, numbers, etc.

Shape blocks, flashcards, and colored links are great for teaching colors, shapes, the alphabet, and numbers. My little man loves to put stickers in his sticker book, and he does quite well at the little task! What a great activity for small muscle coordination and fine motor skills development!

By the time we are all finished with the nap time activities, little man is usually ready to take a nap. I click play on the cd (low volume, of course) and tuck him in with one of his little stuffed animals, and he’s ready for sleep. We still have those days when he had rather jump in the crib, but most days are smooth sailing. Getting to this point has taken time, so for any parents struggling with nap time, there is hope in sight!

What do you do for a nap time routine? Share ideas in the comments! Read Routines for Toddlers: Part 1 here. 

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