How to Make Your Very Own Message Board

How to Make Your Very Own Message Board

Whenever we celebrate a birthday in our family, receive Christmas cards, or receive other random greeting cards, I enjoy displaying them for a short time; however, sometimes they can begin to look rather junky on the kitchen table or bedroom chest of drawers. So, I decided to buy a message board to display the pretty cards that people give us from time to time. The only problem was that I couldn’t find a board with fabric that matched the colors of my décor, so I made my own! Follow the steps below to make your very own message board. It is an easy evening project, and if you grab a helper, the project is even easier! My husband helped with each step of the project!

Materials Needed:

brads, buttons of choice, ribbon of choice, cork board, quilt batting, fabric of choice, black felt, staple gun and staples, hot glue gun and glue

Step 1: Choose the number of buttons you want to place on your board. Hot glue each button to one brad, and set aside to dry.

Step 2: Place the quilt batting under the cork board.

Step 3: Beginning at one corner of the board, glue the quilt batting to the back side of the board. Glue the four corners first.

Step 4: Continue gluing until all sides are secure, and trim any excess batting.

Step 5: Reinforce the glued batting with the staple gun.

Step 6: Place the fabric under the cork board. On the shorter side of the board, begin by taking the fabric from the two corners and pull tightly to the middle and staple. Then bring the fabric from the middle of the two corners to the center, and staple.

Step 7: Follow the same steps for the opposite side, and continue stapling fabric as you go around the entire board. Trim any excess fabric.

Step 8: Cut and place ribbon in desired locations.

Step 9: Securely staple each ribbon, one at a time, to the back of the board.

Step 10: Press each button/brad through the ribbon in desired locations and secure.

Step 11: (Not pictured)For a professional look, staple black felt to the back of the board to cover all the hard work! It makes the back look pretty too!

Enjoy the finished product! This is a great project with Christmas cards arriving just around the corner!

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