10 Ways to Keep a Baby Nursery Organized

10 Ways to Keep a Baby Nursery Organized

These are a few ideas I compiled to keep our baby’s room clean and organized. If you are a mommy, you probably do all these things regularly! It’s just part of the job! Enjoy reading!

Dust and vacuum a minimum of once a week.

Dusting and vacuuming are especially important for cutting down on allergens in the baby’s room. If you have hard floors, you may also need to mop. In my case, I am mopping or at least wiping things off the floor just about every day because my little guy loves to throw his sippy cup, and I still haven’t found one that is totally leak proof! Leave any suggestions in the comments!

Clean the changing table.

This suggestion actually prompted the idea for this post! It is amazing what all gets trapped between the changing table and the changing pad, especially as baby turns into toddler. Vacuuming the table and wiping it down keeps things sanitary, and changing the pad cover often is a necessity too!

Pick up toys throughout the day.

If your little one likes playing with toys in his or her room, you probably pick up toys several times a day just so you are able to walk around without tripping on something! I am now asking my little guy to help pick up his toys along with me!

Keep clean clothing folded regularly.

Folding clothes is especially hard to stay on top of, and I’m sure it is unquestionably difficult for those with large families! But, it does help to keep things tidy and organized. Thankfully, I have a husband who doesn’t mind folding a pile of clothes when he sees one!

Organize clothing as the child grows.

An obvious fact is that children grow out of clothes quickly! Those clothes begin taking over the room if you are not careful! If your child has outgrown something, pack it away for another baby, sell it in a consignment sale, or hand it down to someone else!

Wipe surfaces regularly with a clean cloth.

You know how I said my little boy loves throwing his sippy cup? This is just one of the reasons I have to wipe surfaces down regularly! Usually when I am down on the floor wiping up a spill, I see a milk splatter or two on a piece of furniture and I’ll wipe it down as well!

Organize the diaper bag before and after trips.

This is such a time saver. I’m sure everyone packs and organizes a diaper bag before a trip. Doing it ahead of time always helps me. But what about when you return home? The diaper bag is possibly loaded with trash, used cups, crumbs, and dirty clothes. Go ahead and clean out all the used items and trash. This will cut down on time when you load it up next time!

Use collapsible storage cubes for toys and other items.

Storage cubes are an organization must, especially for toys. I don’t know what we would do with toys if we didn’t have a few of these, and we actually need to order some more!

Change crib sheets one or more times a week.

Depending on the age and stage of your baby/toddler, you may change the sheets every night! We have done that at our house!

Write in your baby’s special book.

This last step isn’t really part of keeping the nursery clean or organized, but it’s just an added tip and something that is easily forgotten. Writing just a simple sentence of a special milestone goes a long way for the future.

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