Beauty Advice for Postpartum Hair Shed

Beauty Advice for Postpartum Hair Shed

Have you ever noticed that your hair is thicker during pregnancy? At my postpartum doctor’s visit after my first baby, I remember the doctor telling me to expect hair loss. Since my hair was longer, she said it would be more obvious. I remember thinking that maybe… somehow… I would avoid going through this normal cycle! Ha ha! Not happening. After my first baby, I decided to let the highlights grow off my hair because I was tired of the upkeep and the expense. So, I was not only dealing with hair falling out, but I also had two different colors of hair! With every pregnancy (this was my third due to miscarriages), my hair has gotten darker, so the highlight grow-off escapade was disastrous to say the least! By the way, my hair was quite long because I had just let it grow, grow, grow during pregnancy and didn’t really trim it.


Well, one February morning it snowed. We went outside and took some pictures, and when I saw them, I was like… This hair has to go! I do not recommend doing what I did next… I went inside and cut my own hair. I cut it so that a good portion of the highlights were removed (ha ha), but I still had somewhat ombre hair. While that may be in style for some people, it just wasn’t for me, especially with dark near the roots and light on the ends. My hair didn’t look terrible after the cut, but about a month later, I had a stylist add some layers to make it look better. Eighteen months after my baby was born, I would say my hair looked relatively normal again. The highlight grow-off definitely made my first experience with postpartum hair loss much worse.


I am currently going through postpartum hair loss again. For me, it begins around three months after delivery, and I can’t remember how long it lasts, so we will see! One thing for sure, it is very annoying when washing, brushing, and drying hair! Thankfully, I got a haircut right before mine began this time around. I let my hair grow again during pregnancy; although, it didn’t grow as much as last time. I had layers, so the stylist suggested all-one length because she could tell the postpartum shed was in the beginning stages. I hadn’t noticed it just yet and was once again hoping to somehow avoid it! I am so glad she made the all-one length suggestion because I have really enjoyed it! I have absolutely no highlights on my hair at this time, just some lighter strands I am desperately trying to cover when they sneak out! We will see how long I can go before I am forced to cover gray with other measures!

So all this to say, here’s how I am dealing with postpartum hair loss currently.


Continue vitamins and supplements. I take a multivitamin, b-complex, and fish oil supplement every day. Doctors say vitamins are especially important during pregnancy, and I think vitamins are an important part of good health for anytime! I recently began taking a gummy supplement specifically for hair as well.

Get a haircut. For me, a haircut is just a good part of personal hygiene. It keeps my hair healthy and keeps those stringy ends away!

Wash hair regularly.Once again, another good hygiene tip! Everyone is different. Those with oily hair may wash every day, while those with dry hair may wash once or twice a week. I wash my hair about every other day. This routine works pretty well for me at this time of life.

Comb hair in the mornings and at night. I don’t want to comb my hair too much, but a good brush in the morning and at night helps keep all those stray hairs at bay.

Use hair gel or mousse and a diffuser to style.My hair is straight, but it has always had body and curled well. This time around I have used gel and a diffuser to style it. This is a great mommy hairstyle! It’s fast, easy, and looks good most of the day!

Clean the hair off the bathroom floor once or twice a day! While this suggestion isn’t really a beauty tip, it’s a great one for keeping a cleaner home! 

Happy hair styling!


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