Music Lesson Guidelines 

I am excited you are beginning or continuing your study of music! Music is a gift from the Lord, and it is up to you as the student and parents to cultivate the God-given talents with which He has blessed you and your child! I am very happy you have chosen me as your teacher, and I look forward to sharing God’s gift of music with you. Guidelines for my studio are as follows:

·        Students should practice a minimum of five days a week. I know from personal experience as a student and from experience as a teacher that parents truly are the key to practicing. Parents, please be involved in your child’s practice routines and assist when necessary. Being an active listener in the same room while your child practices will help him/her know practice time is important to you!  It is vital that students develop daily practicing habits for successful weekly lessons and for progress as a musician. Practicing only the day before the lesson is never successful, so please treat piano practice as daily school work. A prepared student will excel far greater than an unprepared student because unprepared lessons have little value. With that said, please attend the lesson even if you have an “off” week. We can still review with “guided” practice and learn new theory concepts or practice sight reading.

Practice Recommendations:

Ages 5-6: 10-20 minutes daily

Ages 7-8 or an older beginner: 20-30 minutes daily

Ages 9-11: 30 minutes daily

Ages 13+: 45 minutes or more daily


·        Please keep in mind that the fee for piano lessons is not just an hourly fee for the lesson. You are paying for the music instruction and the preparatory planning of the lesson, along with my training and experience, recital costs and preparations, professional organizational memberships, piano tunings, professional development, and self-employment taxes. The total fee for each music semester is $400, divided into five payments of $80 per month. Payment for lessons is required at the first lesson of the month. Late payments should include a $15 late fee, and a fee is charged for returned checks. Lesson times are thirty minutes.  Please see the attached lesson schedule.

·        Maintain your personal piano by keeping it tuned. It is discouraging for a student to practice on a poorly maintained instrument. Also, allow for appropriate lighting during practice sessions. If the student’s feet do not reach the floor, a footstool helps make practice time more comfortable.

·        Please prepare for your lesson before you come inside. Have your books ready to begin and please use the restroom and wash your hands before you leave home.

·        Student promptness is the responsibility of the student and parent. Time lost is not made up and is deducted from your lesson. If you need to miss a lesson, please notify me in advance. If you are sick, please do not attend your lesson in order to keep others healthy. If you notify me in advance of your absence due to illness, a lesson will be available during your normal lesson time through Facetime. "Make-ups" are not possible. However, if I have an opening during my regular teaching time due to the absence of a student, you may be able to reschedule your lesson for that time. To encourage faithful attendance of music lessons, refunds will not be given for missed lessons.  You are obligated for payment even when you do not attend your lesson. Weekly attendance is important for progress as a pianist.  Your lesson time is reserved for you, and when you miss it, I have a time slot with no one receiving instruction.

 If you have any further questions, just let me know! Blessings! 

Kristin at the Piano